Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011.04.20 Holy Week Wisdom

Be wise. Speak wisely. Act wisely. Practice Wisdom.

Wisdom in biblical parlance is a holy figure, a powerful symbolic figure, usually portrayed in feminine form and voice, who basically guides the whole enchilada of developing faith between Divinity and Humanity. Big job!

For Jews Wisdom (Hochmah) is found instructing the people of YHWH in the Torah to bind the law of love for God into their hearts as a constant guide for all they do.(Deut 6:6-8, Psalm 19)

For Christians Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God’s Spirit (Sophia) in human flesh, quite like binding divinity to your heart. (John 1:1-18)

To be wise the thoughts of your heart must be congruent with the words of your mouth and the actions of your body.

Wisdom is not knowledge alone. Wisdom is the integration of knowledge from without with experience from within.

Quakers are all over this one.

Wisdom guides the integration process. She is Who gets us through the worst and best of times. Holy Week for Christians is both. Wisdom hold it all together, keeps us whole and holy. (She actually is spiritual velcro.)

Pray. Ask. Follow.

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