Monday, June 11, 2012

2012.06.11 Omigod!

While in NYC at Easter time we stopped in a little deli to grab a small lunch. Of course since chocolate chip cookies are my favorite and I lean religious,  I was attracted to Ohmigod! cookies.   They were shrunk-wrapped and tied in black and white grosgrain ribbons with Ohmigod! printed in black on the white ribbon.

Who would do a thing like that? I had to know and I had to have the cookies.

Here is the story of Ohmigod! It began with an essay written by Matthew for his 7th grade English class:  “There I am sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the best dessert ever. My dad and I are baking a magnificent cake which used to belong his grandmother. We were having fun but all I keep thinking about is that cake in the oven.  Finally the cake is done. My dad takes the cake out of the oven to cool and cuts up two little pieces, one for him and one for me. We both take a bite into it at the same time and say “Oh my God.” Every week we would make this cake together until a tragic thing happened. My dad passed away. I was so sad and all of our friends and family were at our house to show that they loved us to care for us and to keep us company. It was about four months later that I asked my mom if we could please make my dad’s cake in memory of him, because it was his favorite cake. Now my mom and I make the cake all the time and it comes out great, almost as good as my dads used to, but most of all in my heart, when I make this cake,  I will always remember my dad.”

When Matthew turned 19 he began to share the cake recipe in local shops. Matthew is now 23 and has a business that is booming.

His mother writes: “I do believe in divine intervention and I am certain that Matthew’s dad is smiling down from up above. To all of you “Ohmigod!” fans out there you really are taking a bite into heaven on earth!”

I made an informal Easter Eucharist out of the delicious cookies and remembered my own dad.
We are leaving for Israel tomorrow in the early a.m. I hope to post some travel blogs, but mostly I just want to be a pilgrim.

I’ve always dreamed, among other things like long silken hair, a wasp waist, being a priest, and getting published, of going to the land where Jesus walked. Why? Oh, because he’s my guru and the one who taught me to be real because he was. He makes me say OmiGod!

Also, I had a Jewish grandfather I never met but whose people may have walked Palestinian land, at some time their home.

Going back to pick up life spaces in fact has become more enlivening than going forward. No wonder! My long-term memory has far surpassed my short-term one.

For today I hope only that our visit to the land we call holy will be holy, imbued with wonder, love, gratitude, God’s own dream of peace, and droves of spiritual experiences—also strong joints and a chocolate chip cookie, or two.
Our Jewish neighbor, the one who is a beautiful singer and who has never been to Israel, just came over to sing a Christian liturgical chant she’d prepared for us as a send off.