Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013.12.22 What Are You Looking For?

I’ve followed many a shiny star
into many a stinking stable
to find it
Leaving, I look back—
A streak of light
on a strand of straw
bids me stop,
The spiritual power of seeking is in the search itself more than it is in the finding, especially when you stop seeking because you imagine you must have definitive answers.

Actually, the finding is in the seeking—for why would you seek for something unless you'd already experienced it in some small way and found it desirable? 

In Advent we long for Christmas and dream of sugar plums and the shiny new whatever we think will satisfy our heart's desires. Christmas comes and we get that gift. Alas, soon we are full of longing and seeking once again. What for?

What's the point? My dad used to say this all the time. Once I tried to answer his burning question and found myself tangled up in feckless theological platitudes.

Is it all a vain search for ineffable mystery? Yes, but look again anyway and never stop.

No desiring is in vain and all who seek find something—something.