Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011.01.23 Prayer to be christs in Christ

Many people I know, love, work with and care about are on the lip edge of great expectations, great hopes and great fears. This is true in church, nation, society, world.

Most will try hard, give all their smarts, energy and commitment to their visions, and still, much may not come to pass despite our best efforts, and so, we will suffer, surrender and trust Godde as Jesus did. We will be christs in Christ—or so I pray.

Oh Jesus, we wanted a rescuer and we got a lover.
We so wanted success and we got failure.
We wished and prayed and got smart and organized.
And still............................
We know many things will not work out, even with our best efforts.
Jesus, weep with us.
Be a Spirit of living failure in us.
Help us to fail with grace.
Help us to stop trying so hard, hurrying and scurrying,
clicking and forwarding.
Help us to let ourselves be loved, simply loved.
Help us to be you—whole heartedly you.

Bless to us the gift of humility
in our humiliations.