Sunday, July 12, 2015

2015.07.12 Peacemaking Made Simple/Papal

Pope Francis right now is traveling for peace—just saying hello, shaking hands, listening and meeting folks and their leaders.

Here are his four elements of peacemaking:

1. Time is bigger than space: if you protect your own space or area you get war, but if you allow time enough to explore the space of others, you have a chance at peace

2. Unity prevails over conflict: eventually we tire of feuding.

3. Reality is more important than ideas: we can argue ideas forever, which allows the fighting to continue. A STORY transforms. Fighting must stop so we can listen deeply to the stories of ourselves, each other, and our scriptures.

4. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts: Each part fits into the whole but each one has a different shape and place. There must be a place for every part in the whole.

I find these to be true. These basics could go on the fridge. Maybe if we keep peace in our faces, and keep it simple..............     It gets difficult when we think too big. 

My formula: War = fighting about what we love the most
                      Peace = praying, or talking, about what we love the most

We’re not the Pope or, for the most part, anyone special, but we do have the capacity for peace if we pay attention to it in our daily lives. Peacemaking isn’t always some big fat political deal, or ordeal. Maybe it’s friendship, being friends.

Ponder this simple question: How do you make friends?  How did you as a kid? Multiple ways I’m sure, but for me it was, and usually still is, “Hi.”

Just look at that photo again. Amazing how the gesture of a blessing and a friendly wave "hello" are nearly indistinguishable.