Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2011.05.25 Death of God?

Godde doesn’t die but ideas about Godde do. They come and go according not to whim but to the particular spiritual needs of the times.

The Godde spelling is an example. It came about because Christian women, feminists and libbers and just plain confident blossoming women, cared deeply about being known and valued as women. They saw themselves as comprising half of the divine image.

The divine name in English, God, sounded harsh, was always attached to masculine pronouns, and needed a tweak. So they started a tradition of spelling the divine name GODDE. It is open-ended and has a soft sound. I like it.

That sounds as if Godde is a change artist? In a way, yes.

Godde is simply and always loving and desiring to be known by those who desire to be equally known, known to the roots of your sweet soul. Why wouldn’t Godde want to be known in ways people in each age can understand?

According to the late great writer Grace Paley: “Change is a fact of God. From this no one is excused.”

Not even Godde!