Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012.03.28 Stand Out Moments Are Spiritual

Some things stand out.

I remember Tinker Bell. When I saw Peter Pan, starring Mary Martin as Peter “herself” in New York City, I loved all of it, however the moment that stood out—clunked my head and twanged my heart— was the moment when the audience was asked to save Tinker Bell’s life.

Tinker Bell was the guiding fairy, a beautiful tiny female fairy with wings and a magic wand. She was the tale’s version of a guardian angel. Tinker was omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent—most of the time. She flitted about the scene shedding her bright light on the best path, warning of dangers, and protecting Peter and the children he shepherded through the hazards of Never Never Land.

Tinker was so good at her vocation that she chose to risk her life for its integrity. She knew that the villain Captain Hook had put poison into a drink that Peter or one of his band would soon imbibe. To save him she drank it herself and soon the poison took its hold.

I watched breathless as Tink slowly, dramatically, lost her energy. The light of her life dimmed to near extinction.

A shudder and a collective gasp gripped the moment.

Tinker Bell was the real hero of the story— and could not die I thought. But she was dying.

The audience was told that if we clapped and hoped hard enough we could save Tink’s little life. I clapped my hands off and wished my whole heart into the scene.

The energy of love and hope worked to save Tinker Bell, I think. However I can honestly say I had to ask what the outcome was.

What remains etched into my flesh and bones is the moment in which I participated for all my worth with a whole community in trying to save one small life, keep a single light alive.

If Tinker Bell had died I’d have cried buckets, but I’d still remember and cherish the stand out moment.