Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011.04.10 Chiropractic Spirituality

The first time I ever heard of chiropractic manipulations was in the morning milk delivery truck with dairy farmer Kurt and his daughter Isabella. We would travel to Millerton NY for a visit to the chiropractor who would, Kurt told us, crack every bone in his back.

Paying to have all your bones broken sounded neanderthal to me, but on the ride home Kurt was joyful. We girls bounced like popcorn on the front seat of the pick-up and all of us sang at the top of our lungs, “O my darling Clementine...” which always made me cry. I don’t know why.

Chiropractic back in the ‘40s was considered tantamount to witch doctoring or voodoo. People looked askance, but Kurt, who had suffered more than his share of near-death farm accidents, swore by it.

I didn’t think of chiropractic again until my neck froze up solid and I was sure I’d be crippled forever. Remembering Kurt I found a chiropractor who set the vertebrae in my neck and spine straight. No medication! It felt miraculous.

After the first treatment I told my husband I’d experienced righteousness in my body—all the vertebrae fell into line.

Righteousness in biblical parlance means to be congruent,in right relationship with God, yourself and your neighbors. What you think, say, feel and do agree. You have integrity, speak truth. You’re all lined up, like your spine should be.

If you're out of alignment you feel pain. Your body aches, not necessarily in your back but joints, even headache. Spiritually your soul aches, you feel phony, chaotic, out of focus. Not credible.

I’ve been under chiropractic care some 30 years now. Many chiropractors use the Activator method now. Instead of aligning your spine by hand with quick deft manipulations that go CRACK and hurt psychologically, they use a small miracle of a power tool called an Activator that drives painless pressure into the right spot and BINGO embodied righteousness begins.

The process is painless, not costly, covered by many insurances, and medication-free.

A chiropractor is trained to develop skill in locating the exact place that needs pressure. Good chiropractors have skill, yes but going to the bone is a gift and an art. My chiropractor, Dr. Cheryl Lubin, has that gift.

Choose well because you want a chiropractor who, like Godde, knows exactly where you need a small nudge of grace.