Friday, March 23, 2012

2012.03.25 An Annunciation aka Big Fat Holy Announcement

Most days faith just plods along uninspired and rotely robotic. I’d be completely sincere if I could muster it at will, but most times I just do it—pray that is.

Two days ago I was writing a sticky note when an “annunciation” came. I considered this announcement holy because it shot through me uninvited but welcome and exhilarating.

I was penning a note to a friend who is in treatment for cancer. She is a writer too; I've been sending her a poem a week while she undergoes cancer treatment. She is suffering grand humiliations to female vanity. Vanity can be a virtue because it keeps you on your elegant toes. The chemotherapy is supposed to kill the bad and leave the good to thrive—by hope and love alone. Also prayer.

Dear Friend, I wrote. I’ve always thought that prayer, just talking and feeling to yourself and God (by whatever name) with naked honesty, was the common denominator of spirituality. Religion, important piece of the spiritual pie, is how you practice or what you do because you pray.

No one is unable to pray even if they are unconscious, because Godde prays in them anyway. And no one has never not prayed. (How’s that for a triple negative, dear writer friend?:)

love and spring…………..