Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011.07.13 My Ways are Not Your Ways

The biblical wisdom on Godde's lovely lips written by Isaiah lets us know that Godde's ways are not our ways. BUT there is no judgment in this so don't put it in there.

The degree to which I critique, compare, condemn,judge, interpret negatively the ways of another is the degree to which I lack appreciation for my own ways.

Damn. Hard to give up that old sin.

I'm abstinent from sin on occasion only and with Godde's grace.

I have learned this truth from years of creating, participating in, observing sibling warfare.

My sister and I still react. Her ways are airy, light and lovely when she's not on a rampage. My ways are dark, dense and lovely when I'm not in my cave assessing my ways.

Life is not a battle to be won or a success to make me better. It is a spiritual gift to embrace and pluck from, yes, the forbidden Tree of Life