Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Letter to Godde

Dear Godde,
I’m just starting a new adventure into techie land. A blog of my own! Hence, I will need your good spirit inside me to keep me alert as I try to keep up with a world for which I wasn’t trained but in which I’m determined to delight till death do us part.
I won't write often, just when I'm feeling anxious, or when I embark on some mere change and want it to be spiritually transformative instead of burdensome.
I usually use the name I receive when I'm first introduced to someone; however, you may have noticed that I've changed the spelling of yours—
only the ending to make it softer and more open-ended. OK, more feminine, also more like the you I first met.
Do you remember the day we first officially met? I was three and you were ageless. I was disgusted with my parents' eternal cocktail hour, so I snitched some Ritz crackers from their cocktail tray and sought refuge under the big dining room table with the cloth that hung to the floor. Even though you were invisible I was impressed, because you seemed to listen and take my laments and prattlings seriously, unlike my three imaginary friends—also invisible but far less attentive.
It was there I learned that I mattered; that to be just myself was the right and only way to be, a lesson I forget a lot but one that seems to be more important than ever in 2008 with everyone posing and posturing trying to advertise themselves in glittering images, then forgetting who and how they are— really.
A lemon is a lemon is a lemon, right? And you? People seem to want you or something like an invisible divine presence.
Your name isn't popular though. Bad reputation because of human violence done in your name. Still, the you I met sneaks through in other names like light, higher power, the Universe, energy, Spirit, and more. (Not bad descriptors, but, as I said, I usually stick with the name by which I was first introduced.)
A wise mystic once told of a student, who, eager to achieve spiritual heights asked day after day, "Teacher, who should I be more like, Buddha, Jesus, the prophets, Mohammed, Krishna........." Finally one day an answer came: "I want you to be more like yourself!"
So, my godde of many names, keep on being a spirit of love and hope in people everywhere.
Thanks and love.