Thursday, November 28, 2013

2013.11.28 Thanksgiving Blessing

May the God of your inner being
most lavishly bless, empower and keep you;
the face of Divinity shine upon you
and from within you today and all days,
and give you peace.

Then, let a spirit of gratitude find room in your heart
so that you will be able to find grace in all things and
a soul enriched..............................
     by the compassion you receive from the warm
faces of neighbors nearby and far away, dead and alive;
    by the hope you receive from
flowers that are buried and waiting
under their incubating white snow comforter;
     by the light you receive from the daily presence
of sun, the nightly presence of stars and moon, the drench of cleansing, quenching rain;
    by the inner strengthening you receive from Jesus Christ, flights of the Holy Spirit, all scriptural wisdom, and all prayers sent to and from you;
    by love— undeserved and deserved— you receive from family and friends
who tolerate your foolish fears and damn-fool actions, anyway;
    by rage enough to create justice, and boundary enough to let go;
    by the faith of God who believes in you, thanks you, and enfolds you in
a wider Love of unconditional acceptance;
    by the uplift of humor you receive whenever the gift of laughter
releases you from the constriction of too much dour solemnity;
    and most of all may by the grace of Godde Eternal
who knows the whole truth and loves you into Life.

If you receive and pass on even half of this gratitude recipe
you will be a blessing now and for ever. 

                Thanksgiving Blessings, 2013