Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012.01.11 Breathe! Draw! Write! Sing! Breathe!

I bought great books for some of our grandkids for Christmas. I loved them myself.

They are The Invention of Hugo Cabret (already a movie!)  and  Wonderstruck . Great title, no?   Both are written and drawn by Brian Selznick, very innovative. Beautiful "holy" stories of children in search.  

Books have always been “saviors” for me, providing me an alternative world in which to flourish, stimulating my own creative literary imagination, and accompanying me on my own search for life, love and mystery.

(I even read the whole Bible when I was 14, a useless resource to help me grow boobs and find a boyfriend, but astonishingly helpful in showing me a God who actually talked to and cared about people who carped and whined and carried on dramatically as I did.)

What I especially like about Selznick’s books is that the stories are told, in part, with dynamic pictures, not static illustrations. The art is dynamic and moves the story along. Pictures, not cartoons, are interspersed with words. It's how these books got to be as fat as the Bible!— half of the story is in pictures.  

Very fabulous.

I also love that there is no sorcerer, extraterrestrial, magic, witches, robots or, god forbid, vampires!  Just plain real-life children figuring out life's difficulties, finding someone to care, and growing up. 

These creations are so real they take your breath away. Something like being “wonderstruck.”

It has been said, “The breath makes immortal music human.”

Likewise, art and text make immortal story human.

There’s something biblical about that, no? We have to stop to breath—and create. And in the beginning the biblical creator deity stops and stoops to breathe life itself into all creation.