Sunday, September 8, 2013

2013.09.08 Pride Reaches and Overreaches

Pride goes before a fall...and you’re riding for a fall. My father used to say these two phrases coupled on occasion. It was a wisdom I knew, actually believed, but heeded less. To me growing up it seemed a boring strategy, even if true.

I reasoned thus, until at six I reached too far and made a discovery. On the top shelf of the medicine cabinet I saw a balled up tissue—out of reach and sight, but not to a precociously curious overreaching child.

I just had to know what was wrapped in this egregious tissue. I reached and stretched to reach some more till, with great pride, I retrieved the tissue. As I was climbing down I missed the edge of the bath tub. I fell and cried and bled from my head as the tissue flew from my grasp, and one tiny tooth fell out of it and into the tub. It was my tooth.

My fall hurt. My grief hurt worse.  For that was the day the tooth fairy I’d bet my heart on died. 

Who needs a quarter when you can have faith in a small magical fairy who comes at night to take your tooth and leave you a reward just for losing it, for growing up?