Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010.11.03 Halloween Dreams

The day I write this is All Saints Day on the Christian calendar.

Who is a saint? Start by looking in the mirror, then think of someone, human or animal, dead or alive, who has shown you deep kindness, believed in you, and loved you no matter what. Name that person your saint. Bring her or him into your imagination whenever you feel blue or get down on yourself. This spiritual practice will change your mood, give you hope.

The night before All Saints, the night we know as Halloween, the night of haunts, I had two strange back to back dreams. Dreams I remember are the seminal ones, ones that wow me. I pay attention even if I don’t understand them.

Dream 1: I’m in a large crowd of people gathered to await the appearance of some kind of guru, a spiritual teacher. Everyone is eager jockeying for position around some kind of arena. We all have devices and can push buttons to tune into the action. Media types are there with notepads and cameras. I push my buttons. There are also horses about. I squeeze up front and find a place where I can see. The air is electric. Someone in dark clothing but not a negative force introduces the guru. The teacher appears. She is an elderly woman, handsome but not beautiful, part semitic and part oriental. A hush falls on the crowd. She speaks and says: “We need a new hero in literature, film and........... Her voice fades out and I push buttons frantically. Then I hear

“. . . a new hero. He is a 46 year old bisexual man.”

Dream 2: I am in Poland. (I’ve never been to Poland.) I see minarets and churchy-looking structures. I get the idea that the Polish National Catholic Church has separated from the Pope. A question comes up on my dream screen.

Can you be a Catholic without a pope?

( There is some history I’d forgotten or didn’t know behind the second dream. My husband was ordained priest in 1966 in Buffalo (E. Aurora) New York by Thaddeus Zielinski, Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) bishop of the Buffalo/ Pittsburgh diocese since 1958. In 1971 Zielinski was elected PNCC Prime Bishop. The PNCC was established in 1904 when it broke with the Roman Catholic church. No pope! In 1946 they established intercommunion with the Episcopal church but terminated the connection in 1978 over the ordination of women. )

I offer no interpretations but welcome your thoughts or feelings. Please don’t try dream analysis or a rant. The only thing I’m pretty sure of is that the meaning of dreams is plural/multilayered and that my three muses, spirituality, religion and feminism collaborated in my dreams to hint at some wisdom that is and will unfold in the process of the Spirit.