Friday, March 25, 2011

2011.03.25 Anniversaries: My 23rd and Mary's 2050th

I write my tears into words all the time. Some are for what I'm remembering and writing and some are just the creative act itself and all its frustrations. Do I cry or write? Both.

The beauty of holiness is not a piece of cake!  You get what you wonder and it is always delightful,also doubtful Trust both.

Biblical story satisfies the more literally-minded readers as well as those who can know through imaginative seeing.  Both/and.  Most of us dance carefully along the via media without compromising either history or spirituality. Is it true or false? Both.

Mary saw an angel. Or did she? Yes and no. When I was ordained many heavy hands were laid on my one small brown bowed head. I felt as if I were sinking and shrinking. When the hands lifted off my head my brain was so suddenly empty of any thought that I was in heaven—just for a half second. Was I? Yes and no.  

Mary followed the vision and got pregnant with a messiah. I followed mine and became a priest.

My anniversary gift to Mary this day is candied birth control pills. And to myself, a batch of chocolate chip cookies to remember God’s awakening words to me while I was lost in midlife domestic doldrums, making chocolate chip cookies, and God asked, Why are you doing this?