Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011.12.28 God's Midwife

This poem was sent to me at Christmas by an old friend, spiritual director and poet. I think it a lovely image of the feminine face of Divine Love. With love.

God’s Midwife

On a cold night
in a cold uncaring world
The Word becomes flesh.

In unselfconscious gratitude
A hungry infant
suckles contented at his mother’s breast,
Apprehending love
foreshadowed in
her womb’s deep darkness,
Now substantial
in light and air,
warmth and milk,
desire and satisfaction.

The midwife, also satisfied –
Her ministrations over,
the cord severed and knotted,
the afterbirth removed -
gazes upon this stranger and her child,
Savoring their new attachment,
intentional and tender,
Suffused with mother’s joy and
conscious gratitude,
Flush with the courage
of successful labor
and the remembrance
of caring, skillful hands
in an uncaring world.

She always takes this moment,
in quiet wonder
to contemplate the mystery of God
enfolding every birth -
And feels herself enfolded.

But it is time to go.
Softly she kisses Mary’s cheek,
the baby’s head,
And disappears into the dark.

Wendy Lyons
December, 2010