Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012.10.31 Halloween

Do you remember your first Halloween costume? I don’t but I bet it looked like a princess, ballerina, fairy or angel with a sparkly mask if possible.   Later I “went” as Huck Finn, and a “hobo”— masculine versions of freedom.

I asked two of my granddaughters, What are you going to be at Halloween?  A hippy said the 16 year old. Just about anything would work. A zombie cat said the 12 year old, with big whiskers and a cape—all black.   The difference in their  age-related stances toward life. Both wanted to make a statement, possibly keep adults at bay for a day.

This Halloween, 2012, is special, because we can replace real fear with fake fear, real life with fantasy life. 

We’ve been terrified by a recent monster storm that left much damage in its wake. And we’ve been bombarded with the politics of a presidential election, each party terrorizing the other with negative ads and horrifying prediction. 

Halloween is fun. Some religionists think it’s celebrating magic and sorcery but I think it’s a very good way for all of us to let out our secret ghoulishness, be really fierce and scary or play the celebrity...... when no one know who you are, you think.  To be silly and spooky without embarrassment, maybe cheat by decorating a tree with toilet paper even when you got a treat.

So I’m OK with feigning horror at any masked child garbed in her/his latest fantasy, or playing a guessing game about who could this princess or fairy at my door really be, or what famous rock star I’ve never heard has come to ask me for candy?  I’m sad we don’t get any kids any more. Fear of  poison apples you know.  I do Halloween vicariously at a distance with photos like this.