Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011.01.09 Best Practices

Even though, according to the latest research on good care, we can get ice cream or whatever whenever we want if we get alzheimic, the best practice for retarding brain aging is exercise. It's an incarnational practice aka Love-in-the-flesh.

Eating berries, taking all sorts of supplements, medications, crossword puzzles, even vegetarian/vegan diets, yes and all the alternatives are good— but exercise works on muscle, sinew, joint, blood pressure, heart, lung, digestive system. ALL of it stimulates brain to keep up so to speak. (See this week's Newsweek with cover of a floral-sprouting head on it.)

It's a duh!

The other practice with fairly high brain marks is meditation, or what Christians call contemplative prayer. Stop, sit down, shut up and gaze.

(Nicotine also works but not smoking it. They are experimenting with a nicotine patch. Who knew?) Maybe they'll come up with an alcohol patch to improve or stabilize moods.

I would include here the exercise involved in good thoughtful reflective stimulating and loving conversation—with listening in between talking. Also sleep. And I'd add creativity, and Love aka Godde-in-us or Christ. You know you don't have to be a Christian to be a christ, or divinity in earthly form.

I skipped community church today and just took a long contemplative introverted time for myself. It included sleeping in, stretching, prayer, reading, also mopping the floor and a sweet breakfast with the soon to be relic called a newspaper in paper form. And finally to the computer to write to friends and continue to create anew my own memoir story.

That's church in the company of the silent invisible saints—and Jesus.