Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012.05.27 Darling, It's Pentecost!

My parents used to call each other “darling” all the time. I suppose each generation has its own terms of endearment.  Ours tends towards “Hon,”  or others too fierce to mention :)  One of my sons slipped and called me “Babe” once—what he calls his wife, and she him.  “Sweets” is another favorite. And I also like “Sweetie darling.” I picked that one up on the media.

My former French Jesuit spiritual director used to suggest that we use terms of intimacy for Godde.  I chose Beloved.  But I think Darling would work for the Holy Spirit, that expression of divine affection who is mobile, planting seeds of love, healing,  and connecting all hearts for goodness’ sake.

That's what Pentecost celebrates, the intimate affectionate travelocity of Godde. (I mean what good is a deity who doesn't get around?) The season of the Spirit is the longest one of the Christian church year.  

I wrote a book about this Spirit called The God Between Us. But I think another good title would be, “Here I Am, Darling.” 

A propos of darling, I read this story in the British actor Judi Dench's memoir "and furthermore."  She writes of a time when she, as a very young (early 20s) Shakespearean actor, was given the part of Juliet in R & J.  They played it at the Old Vic in London and her parents came to every performance, in fact came to all of her performances.  Judi as Juliet had a very poignant line in the context of feeling quite young and quite lost. She turned to her nurse and said, with great pathos, "Where are my parents, Nurse?"  And her own father overcome by it all called out loudly,  "Here we are, darling, in row H."

Good acting. Good dad. Good humor.  Good Spirit.

Dench adds that people don't believe her when she tells this story and writes:  "But I assure you it is quite true." Who could doubt?

Dontcha  just love the Spirit!! What a darling Great Connector.