Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013.03.20 Tweet. Tweet?

There is lots of pressure these days to use Social Media, especially if you hope to publish.  Get yourself, your brand, your fabulous wonderful YOU out there—VIRAL NOW!

Or perish?  My hashtag might be—no idea, send me one. But I’ve been practicing in case I decide to get on Twitter. Here are some sample tweets.

The most forward thinking thing the RC church has done in 2000 years.  What will they think of next, ordaining women? A friend’s comment on pope’s decision to tweet. Hashtag is pontifex! 

Godde has no way to us but through us.

There’s no such thing as disincarnate love.

Your writing is spiritual when it dwells in the depth dimension where all hell breaks loose and all heaven breaks through.

If Godde is love, then love must be God.

If we were dinosaurs, aka olding, then I want to be the  little hoppity one who turns quickly into a bird and soars off into the wild blue yonder.

I can put faith and trust in the ultimate and ideal Christ and the historical human Jesus at the same time.

Rebbitzen, tog mir a toyveh, fahrlr mein ahdres.   Yiddish for: Lady, do me a favor, lose my address.  We should make one for a woman to say to a man, no?