Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011.07.04 Independence?

Today I wonder......

I have often imagined my life metaphorically as a jigsaw puzzle, myself a piece in the puzzle that had fallen out and was trying to figure out how to FIT back into the picture.

This is personal and political. Much that I read about women tells me they are still trying to fit into a system that grew up around us and seemed as right to us as rain or sunrise. But it’s not.

The workplace is an example. Women are returning to the job market after a break from career for birthing and parenting. I wanted children very much and love them today but I also wanted something beyond motherhood.

Women who get the choice jobs are the ones who return rarin’ to go. They are ready, fit to FIT into the breakneck pace of commerce, great workers. If there are adjustment problems some companies set up internships to facilitate the fit.

Some woman opt out of the insanity of the culture’s rhythm and they will likely be judged inadequate as has happened in the Church.

I remember when a woman bishop retired earlier than expected. She said she wanted to spend time with her grandchildren.Some colleagues said she shirked her responsibilities. Might that be a sexist perception?

Who is looking at a bigger picture? Who sees the forest?

Who is daring to imagine that instead of expecting women in particular to FIT that we reform the system, change the way we do business? Who asks what motivates, fuels this “rat race?”

Has anyone thought that these same dynamo worker women may in just a few years be drawn toward caring for aging parents?— “children” at the other end of life.

Who thinks about initiating WORK-LIFE POLICIES that make it easier for women, really for ALL parents and the children they raise who represent our future, should there be one?

It took me years to realize that I didn’t have to lop off pieces of myself to FIT into the jigsaw. Every single piece as it is shaped has its own place and without each piece, exactly as it is, there can not be a whole picture.

A spiritual vision to ponder and pray. Happy 4th!