Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011.04.14 Intermediate Retirement

I am retired—and not.

Officially I’m unemployed, have no boss, no set schedule, no salary or office to go to. I’m free—sort of. All I have to do is take time management skills training!

It’s bad enough I’m my own boss and I have a computer and home office that calls me to write daily.But I can say no—sometimes.

I’m busier than ever, as people say they are who retired. So not retired at all in a traditional sense.

Hence, I’ve invented something called Inter-Ret, Intermediate Retirement. The time, about 70-80, when many of us are still vital and we can choose what to do.

This applies to those of us who have pension security and few severe limitations. The precious lucky!

Inter-Ret is a thin space time, a time when you can re-tread, re-up, re-boot. Choose your own re-.........

I like re-soul.