Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011.06.12 Pentecost. What About Israel?

It’s the day of Pentecost for Christians, a day we celebrate the Holy Spirit, an honored member of the Trinity, the self-expression of Godde that is pure energy in motion. Spirit pulls for transformative healing connections throughout creation. The Spirit represents the breadth, the reach of divine compassion. I call Her the Great Connector.

A good friend and writing companion brought me to attention recently asking a question about Israel. She didn’t say What about Israel but wondered if lawn signs might be in order to remind people not to forget Israel and not to abandon her.

It’s a question again of balance, or both/and not either/or.

The concern brought me up short. Of course we haven’t forgotten Israel. How could we? I plan to visit her in 2012.

But concern for Palestinian displacements and harsh defensive Israeli politics has perhaps displaced compassion for Israel. She is a little country with so much at stake, a country that is also full of innocent people who are afraid of losing a dear homeland. Everyone needs a dear homeland and there is room for all.

Spirit helps people and leaders bend without breaking. This peace is Her job now.

If I were to put up a yard sign it would say something like SAVE ISRAEL TOO.