Friday, January 31, 2014

2014.01.31 See This Film!!


I Am,  filmed by Tom Shadyak, shows and tells, through the wisdom of many voices and the actions of many human bodies, what is wrong with out world and what we can do together to make it better. Shadyak, in the midst of paralyzing post-concussion syndrome, faced the fact of his death and recovered to make this witness.

He dedicates the film to his father who spent his whole near-100-year life working tirelesslessly for the health and well-being of children at a St Jude’s Hospital. His dad is Tom’s mentor. On the film son interviews father, who says, something like: I go to a church and I cry. All this love for  an hour and a half. Then I leave, and I get no more turn-on for a week. When I go out onto the streets it all vanishes— until the next week.

What IS wrong with our world and how can we make it better? Tried and true questions explored in graphic and revelatory ways— not about the will of God but about the soul of God. God is never mentioned, nor is religion. 

Darwin in his book, The Descent of Man, mentioned survival just two times. He mentioned love 95 times! Humanity is wired for empathy; making war and excessive competitiveness breaks the natural law of being.

It's actually NOT the economy, stupid.

Deer, fish and birds vote on the next move of the group.

Modern Science agrees with all the spiritual traditions of the world. It turns out love really is all you need.