Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014.01.22 Emergency Alert, Super Bowl Not Just the Violence of Football

In my opinion football is not sport but regulated violence. The "game" elicits cheers and competition all right but also has painful consequences for many of those football player "heroes" whose head injuries will likely have lasting effects.  This is not heroic!

Thanks to the information below I see that the Super Bowl has more than just football violence attached to it. I received this information from the Episcopal women’s order, Companions of Mary the Apostle, in West Park, New York.  I consider it urgent and important—for us to know, for us to pray, for us to do whatever we can with our awareness and resources, and for us to write and talk about this sin.

I find it ironic that Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 2, when one of the traditional focuses for this day in the Christian church was the "Purification of the Virgin" or the purification of women after childbirth.  I tell you women DO need purifying, not from child birth or menstruation, but rather from the filth imposed on them by such cruel captivity and enslavement to sex abuse for profit!! 

Here is what the sisters have to say: "Now, we know that football is the real national religion. One of us has a long history and fondness for Super Bowl parties. But we have learned of the pervasive human trafficking associated with the Super Bowl. 10,000 prostitutes were brought to Miami for Super Bowl XLIV.

Let's be clear.  They did not "come" to Miami.  They were brought by their captors.  They are routinely forced to have sex, some as many as 50 times a day.  And when the Super Bowl ends, they will not be freed.  The Super Bowl is just the peak event for a year-round, daily hell for thousands of women, boys, and children.

And it's not just sex trafficking we're faced with. 10 to 20 million people in the world are enslaved. Some of them are cleaning your motel rooms, working on your lawns, waiting on your table, or making your clothes.

We were stunned to read the facts about human trafficking.  We are still trying to fathom the depths of this evil. But fathom or not, we have to fight it. Our baptismal covenant requires it.

Please don't turn away.  The Episcopal Church has many resources on human trafficking.  You can start here:

For information about the Super Bowl, go to:

And please pray for everyone involved in this crime - for the victims, for their freedom; for their captors, that their hearts might be freed; and for us, that our eyes and our mouths may be opened."

May I say AMEN.