Wednesday, November 6, 2013

2013.11.06 Ironies of Aging

I’ve taken serious notice...............

The more I need my adult children, the less they need me.

As I walk along the sidewalk I spot a flattened used condom and feel a quick charge, a spark of youthful vigor remembered, then, as quickly as it’s come, it goes, and I know I’m content with the spark I have now. 

I’ve always prayed for and wanted my children and theirs to love and connect with each other. Now that they are doing it, I’m happy—and lonely, no longer the center of their lives, which is a good thing.

If a married couple can make a bed together without suicide or homicide, you know the marriage will endure, or has endured.

The closer I get to the end of my life the more affection I have for beginnings, especially the great beginning when God fell upon the unformed but not inert substance of matter. Together they made something new and beautiful, just for the loving hell of it.

The only thing I dread more than getting older is getting younger. 

The more in love I fall with my spouse the less interested I am in sex. Warm presence is enough.

The shorter my memory stretches, the further back it reaches. On the other hand, I don’t remember what I’ve forgotten nor do most of my contemporaries and my spouse. Hence repetitions aren’t annoying except to younger brains.

The more I laugh till tears squeeze out the less I cry myself to sleep.

The older I get the less seriously I take theology, and the more seriously I take Divinity, named God/Godde to me. Here’s a Tom Robbins( author of Still Life With a Woodpecker) quote: "Twenty candles on a cake. Twenty Camels in a pack. Twenty months in the federal pen. Twenty shots of tequila down a young girl's gullet. Twenty centuries since Our Lord's last pratfall, and after all that time we still don't know where passion goes when it goes."

And we still don't know who's coming to dinner?!  Every damn Sunday Jesus comes to dine and we still don’t know.

When your husband tells you he dreamt last night that he was trying to teach Jackie Gleason how to use a computer. And between gulps of laughter you ask, “So, how did it turn out?”  And he says,  “I don’t know, I woke up. The computer wouldn’t obey my commands.”  Thus you know you are old, out of control, and happy as hell.