Sunday, August 11, 2013

2013.08.11 Instead of Church—Or Was It Church?

Today is Sunday and we’re on our two weeks vacation in Nantucket.  My oldest daughter and her two teen age daughters have been here for the weekend.  The weather has been close to perfect, not too hot and not too cool. Windy for good waves but sun and sand for warmth.

So it’s Sunday.  To be honest we don’t often go to church while on vacation—not policy but preference.

Still, it was Sunday and my daughter suggested that we do a little informal prayer something for a close woman friend who is in the throes of a cancer battle. She is a valiant and bright presence and hopefully will soon be well.

So we all agreed and I was appointed the “priest.”  Dick agreed to be the camera man and  video tape our little effort so we could send it to our friend. 

We all sat outside on the back deck, dressed in our beach clothes and created a very informal set of prayers for our friend for strength, wisdom, courage, and truth, a song to the Holy Spirit, a blessing and lots of laughter and smiles and waves to our invisible friend. I’ve never dramatized a get well card before. It was a creatively spirit-filled experience with a message of love and hope.

Myself, I’d call this church at its very finest without the finery. It didn’t matter what exactly each of us believed or whether we were religious or not. We weren’t doing it for us.

A small communion gathering— well consecrated, sacramental and downright holy.

In truth, we don't go TO church, we make it.