Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011.05.22 Close to Nature in the City

It’s odd that we live closer to nature now that we live in the city than we did in the burbs. In fact we are embedded in the beauty of nature, close enough to practically reach out the window and touch the heavy blossoms on the trees or grab a squirrel‘s tail as she skitters along on a nearby branch, or breathe scents as we fall asleep, or watch the day by day construction of a robin’s nest.I feel wrapped and sheltered.

I actually saw two robins doing it, or what I imagined to be it. They flew by upright beak to beak wings slapping the air and keeping them both steady, suspended in love. Amazing. A kiss in flight.

Bluejays it seems don’t stop to love or linger much. They are swoopers who light, give me the eye and swoop off.

Chipmunks are scarce and shy. They zoom.

And on clear nights we can say goodnight moon to Her Majesty. I feel as secure as the millions of children who like that book read to them nightly as I close my eyes and fall safe into Godde’s great womb, murmuring thanks as I drop.

Am I getting sentimental in my old age or is this kind of appreciation part of the territory, a gift?