Monday, May 27, 2013

2013.05.26 What Is the Trinity?

I don’t know what exactly the Trinity is, but yesterday was Trinity Sunday so it’s on my mind.

Oh okay, it’s a Christian doctrine that tells us that the nature of Divinity is relational: three self-expressions in one being: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. or Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit. Not very revolutionary unless you need God to be absolutely singular in nature—a monolith. 

Here’s the idea: Creator/Mother/Father ignites life energy; Christ is Jesus, who catches the energy and lives it so well he could be related, as a Son; the Holy Spirit is the Great Connector, She plants seeds of love and healing all over the cosmos. The three dance together as one ball of divine energy, and I am invited to join in just as I am, vulnerable, human, and resurrectable,  as Jesus was.

The Trinity evolved out of the faith of the early Jesus followers who experienced Jesus of Nazareth as the most divinized human being ever alive.  

Who really cares? I do. Why? Because the Trinitarian idea of God is more feminine—relatable and intimate by nature, not just because feminists change the spelling of the divine name or give the Holy Spirit a feminine gender.  The Trinity is re-creating every second, like a book you can read, re-read, and read again and it's always new.  

So here is my imperfect analogy—derived in part from my own efforts as a religio- spiritual writer.

God Creator is like the author who has a fabulous bright idea in mind.
Christ is like the book (first in a series) the Creator writes to give form to the idea.
Holy Spirit is like readers who read the book.

The original bright idea is the unifier, present in author, book, and readers. It’s my favorite book.