Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post- is in!

So now we are in a post-election nation, if not world. Is that like post-modern, post-Christian, post-Bush or just plain post-American?
I don't know, but anything with post- prefacing it is over, done, finis. We've moved along. Yes, we've moved along taking all that went before along in different order. Change isn't pure.
Whatever comes after will always contain some of what went before. For example, I no longer suck my thumb, but when worried I can pout and go secret. Prayer has replaces thumb-sucking as my preferred practice.
I've written a memoir. In writing I realize that who I am now is in every way continuous and discontinuous with who I was. I was bossy, submissive and afraid, defiant, powerful, wise. I still am with different emphases. Older and wiser is true. But I'm still a composite of myself, a post-Lyn Lyn.

This nation is rewriting the American dream, moving from "you can be anything you want" to "you can be anything you want with a lot of consideration for your neighbors near and far." Independence and striving won't disappear but higher values will be interdependence and rest. Peace will become a more effective way than war. The ladder will look more like a broad stretch of highway.
Our President-elect Obama uses the pronouns "we" and "our" when he speaks of leadership, national goals, political policies and dreams. And he uses the word "slow" a lot and "taking time."
I like this post-American way. It is ours not Barak Obama's. He only got the vote. I'm not naive about the baggage that will blur the vision and even make violence, but I am hopeful that post- really means post-.
My hope is founded in election day's tears on many different faces.