Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011.05. 04 Royal Happy Ending

It’s paradoxical that the governmental phenomenon we Americans overthrew for independence is now for many a glittery attraction provoking comments like “We don’t have anything like this in this country.”

I refer of course to our fascination with all things British, especially what is royal and especially what advertises hopes for happily ever after.

There’s nothing like a royal wedding to get our glands going. In the USA we celebrate celebrity divorces. Not as sexy.

People seem to be filled with exuberance, perhaps we long with all our hearts for happy endings.

Or perhaps the high spirit is wanting to make up for Princess Di’s tragic early death, the last princess? No wait!.....there is one more.

The Christian idea of resurrection identifies Godde as the provider of happy endingsm especially ones that are happily ever after.

I put my trust in that and also go gaga over the royal pomp, glamor, and promised bliss.