Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013.03.10 Women of Guts and Glory

In honor of International Women’s Day, which was actually March 8, and my oldest granddaughter’s 17th birthday, which is today,  I honor all girls and women for their steadiness in a world that has not always noticed their presence. 

Oh Godde, you are not a man nor a woman, rather fully feminine and fully masculine (and everything in between) in the energy of your one holy life in which all creation has life, breath and being: Keep humanity one-in-you, and keep us holy-in-you; and please don’t let our mortal divisiveness hide from us the light of the love that is immortal. Big fat spirit-filled smooches from us all. AMEN.

Happy Birthday, beloved Gillian. You begin your 18th year today. Find out who you are and what matters to you. Stay faithful to yourself, for, in doing so, you will be faithful to Godde.

May I also recommend to you who read this blog a weekly series on Presidential Wives, ladies of power, wit and wisdom. It’s on Monday nights from 9-10:30 on CSpan. Very engaging—good story, good history.  

I confess I never remember exactly the list of male presidents, however, for, some quirky little reason, I now am ready to know who these men were— through their women.  That is good, because we're used to knowing the women through the men, not the reverse. The wives who loved them, and were beloved by them. Partners in marriage and politics, from Martha Washington onward.  

My mother was a strong though scared woman, but when she came through she’d hit it right on.  She told me once when I was whining about the fact that I might never develop boobs( and therefore get a boy) : “Lynnie, you come from a long line of boobs. You’ll get them!” She gave me guts.

So there you have it.  Honor the women in your life. And honor the men who have through history honored the women in their lives.