Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013.03.03 Meet Maud

Girls at eight are often at their most engaging, creative, uninhibited best.  Eight is great!

One such girl, the niece of a good friend, regaled her family with her own personal theology.  It went something like this: “God is Maud. Did you know that?  Yes, God’s name is Maud.”

Curious adults wanted to hear more, so the child continued with her theology, quite obvious to her: “Well, when I take a bath or a shower, I wouldn’t want some man-God watching me, would I?”

Would you?

So much for the omni-present, omni-masculine deity. Bring me Maud. And seriously, as far as I’m concerned, most of our highfalutin ideas about Divinity could be eliminated in favor of Love.

Take omniscience, for example: would a loving Godde not respect everyone’s need for privacy, even secrecy at times, especially teen-agerish times? Some argue that God is all-knowing, but waits (cunningly?) for us to reveal, knowing we will. I doubt that very much.

As to omnipotence, it’s quite obviously errant, unless divine power is only that of Love with no conditions.

Omnipresence might work, but only if that means that Godde is available and accessible from within—something like, give us this day our daily strength. 

How about All-Seeing? Perhaps Godde is a futurist, massaging souls gently, lovingly, and slowly forward into new and mysterious experiences that enlighten, and awaken, and refresh. Like the unexpected (and wise) resignation of the present Pope? Who knew?  There may be pink smoke over the Vatican yet. 

All kinds of holes can be punched in my ideas. They’re just offerings to query by. It’s really not about who God is, but how God is experienced. And there’s more commonality in such experiences than most would imagine.

Recently, a friend and sister Godde-buff and I had to agree, after batting around different images, needs, words,  and concepts about God, that we both were talking about the same thing, basically a Mystery we knew nothing—and everything—about.  A Mystery for  whom we both long and linger over lunch about.

Meet Maud.