Monday, January 14, 2013

2012.01.14 Blogger Questions

A blogger, who identifies herself on line as Velveteen Rabbi, has been nominated for an award, given to bloggers by bloggers for an up-and-coming blog with fewer than 200 followers. "Leibster" is a German word  which mean beloved or favorite. Rabbi Rachel Barneblat of North Adams, Massachusetts, has answered the questions asked of her as a nominee and is meant to identify eleven other small-readership blogs and nominate them. Rachel sent out five questions to potential nominees to help her select nominees.  I'm a small-readership blogger, unable to resist the temptation, or invitation,  to be a Liebster and get more readers for my off-beat religio-spiritual blogspot blog called Spiritual Lemons.

Here are the questions the Velveteen Rabbi asked and my responses:

1)  What's your favorite book?  My favorite book is The Little Book About God published in 1934, just four years before I was born, and written by Lauren Ford for her granddaughter Lauren.  It's the biblical story, from Creation to the Annunciation to Mary, Mother of Jesus—the whole sweep.  I fell in love with the book as a young child and recently retrieved it while writing my memoir. The book present an image of God as Creator of wonders, but also as Meditator in a garden listening carefully and identifying all the sounds of Earth. God listened to and tracked every single sound, even "weeny sounds,"  like those of a small girl-child crying.  I got my image of God from that book.

2) With what fictional character do you most identify?  Jane Eyre.  I read the book a long time ago and re-read it recently.  I was not as bereft with hardship as Jane, but have had my share of struggle. Jane prayed and had faith against great odds. She also developed self-reliance and never abandoned herself, or her God.  I loved to watch Jane make hard choices. I love to see love and freedom win together.

3) If you could throw a dinner party and invite five people, real or fictional, from any moment in human history, who would you invite?

       Jane Eyre for her spirituality, and fortitude, and compassion.
       Beatrix Potter for her love of everything wee.
       David, the biblical hero, who faced a giant of an obstacle and became aware of his own resources in five smooth stones.
       Jesus, a lover of people and a man who spoke in parables that challenged, not lesson plans that assigned.
       Hillary Clinton, a woman leader who has suffered greatly just because she is a woman, but who has not given up or lost her voice, in spite of public and private scorn

4) What's your favorite place to pray/meditate/engage in spiritual practice?    My liebster place is my home altar, a low table at which I kneel on a prayer cushion daily to lament, plead, bitch, beg, gripe, eat consecrated bread, and praise every day. On and under my altar is an array of spiritual tchotchkes, some traditional icons and some personal icons, all of them with meaning, great and small. I get grace and grit at my altar.

5) What's something you're hoping for in 2013? Personally I'm hoping, also praying, that I will get my memoir Under The Table: Becoming a Woman Priest published.  Religiously, I'm hoping for honest interfaith conversations. Spiritually, I'm hoping that the one Godde will acquire a new wardrobe, specifically that the use of exclusively male language and image for Divinity will be transformed. I'm a writer and a wordsmith, and I'm tired of feeling left out of the imago dei.  Language can change.  Politically, I'm hoping for a wannabe woman president for 2016 who is progressive, wise, wry and able to be a non-anxious presence with humility, and who can heal our wounds and move us along out of patriarchy and into a new unitive way of being a country, and a world.

How would you answer these questions? A good way to get to know your own depths and maybe God/Godde.