Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012.11.25 All Things Holy

What seems holy right now is the truce in Israel/Palestine. Having just been there, I apprehend the land itself and can feel its concrete meaning—more than in a distant hymn or a prayer. The poster above hangs at St. George’s College on the site of St. George’s Anglican Cathedral in East Jerusalem. It sums up Divine holiness for me.

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Friday. We know we’re OK because we still love and spat with regular verve. It’s what keeps us together. Dick gave me a hilarious card with two love-bears on the front making eyes at each other.  "You know, the secret to a happy marriage is how often you say those three little words…”  You open it and see the two romantics whisking out the door with the caption "LET'S EAT OUT!"  We did, delighting in good food, good conversation—Holy Healing Meal. 

I'm hobbling on a broken foot bone, using a cane, and wearing a romantic and ugly gray air-cast boot. (Tripped on the sidewalk coming home from yoga, of all things.)  No drive and no walk makes me grateful for a very active and loving  husband—Holy Matrimony.

My card for Dick pictures a cute little monkey :"If we were monkeys, I'd pick the bugs off your fur."  Open it: "And if we were bugs, I'd help you hide."— Holy Humor.

Poem by Ursula LeGuin, “Every Land”—Holy Writ.

    The holy land is everywhere.—Black Elk.

Watch where the branches of the willows bend

See where the waters of the rivers tend

Graves in the rock, cradles in the sand

Every land is the holy land.

Here was the battle to the bitter end

Here's where the enemy killed the friend

Blood on the rock, tears on the sand

Every land is the holy land.

Willow by the water bending in the wind

Bent till it's broken and it cannot stand

Listen to the word the messengers send

Life from the living rock, death in the sand

Every land is the holy land.