Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014.06.29 All Things New AND Old

Our society and church tend to celebrate all things new because that’s what the biblical God is into— creating, recreating over and over.  New, in spiritual terms, means renewed, not young.

Some days I do wish we could celebrate all things old, that is, aging—like me and my beloved spouse and so many friends. One day we will be memories, but I’m celebrating us now, and giving thanks for our health, faith, and vitality.
Here we human oldies are reclaiming the Holy Name, a very ancient name. We are wearing it on our T-shirts, recently purchased at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, NYC. Godde is still creating new things we notice every single day. We feel wonder and recognition and joy, and say: Oh, my God.  (Note the period—no need for an exclamation.)  It’s a faith statement, not a bit of slang.

Here are other wondrous new things that touch our lives right now:

New Graduate................ Gillian B. Colbath, high school grad off to Lyndon State College in VT. college in the fall.

New hair color to match a bright new mood..................Isabella B.Colbath.

New grandson, Dylan Robert Brakeman, born Thursday June 26, to John and Emily Brakeman.
 New Bishop for the Diocese of Massachusetts, Bishop-Elect, the Rev. Alan Gates from Ohio. He will be consecrated September 13th, 2014.
And always a sign of hope in our family: a wee lady bug who appeared the day before Dylan was born. John, Dylan's dad, spotted a lady bug the morning of one of his major surgeries, the one that nearly cost him his life, but didn't. Lady bugs signify the presence of holiness. Who knows why.