Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013.04.10 Christian MIngle and Prayer

The TV ad for the dating service, Christian Mingle, promises:  “Find God’s Match For You.”

My first ugly thought was something like: OMG, I'm not sure I'd want to mingle exclusively just with Christians.  Good Lawd amighty forgive me!

BUT, we live in a consumer-driven/ marketing-obsessed culture.  What a thrilling prospect this ad promises, especially it you’ve tried all human means to find what some call “the perfect mate.”  Well, I’m not sure there is such a thing as a marriage, or a relationship, made in heaven, mostly because I don’t think of Godde as a yenta.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do think God cares greatly about each and all of us and desires our well being as much as we desire our own. Godde cares enough, however, to give us freedom to use our gifts, both natural and acquired, to live fruitful lives and discern our choices, even if some of them don’t work out just as we’d hoped.   

None of the above means to me that God has a plan, or a mate created and already picked for me, or you, if only we’d join Christian Mingle and find out—for a fee of course and with a guarantee that our mate will be a Christian, likely of a more conservative stripe than, for example, me. If you believe God has a match for you, then sign up. You may find someone who believes the same, and be compatibly happy ever after. 

How do we meet and mate?  Let me count the ways. Right now I am praying that a dozen women may meet a man who will love them and be loved by them, for better or worse. Why? 

Well, I pray not because I think God will matchmake, but because these women have told me their longings and I let everything be known to God—all my own fears, hope, longings, anxieties, sorrows, and desires— for myself and people I care about, near and far. Once I let God know what I want, I say AMEN and leave it, for today.  I don’t know the outcome, I only know what I’d like, and I’m not afraid to say it. 

Very often things work out as I desire, but not always. Is that because I was wrong to ask?  Not at all.  Is it because God didn’t grant my request?  No.

Prayer for me is more about nurturing and deepening an open and honest relationship with Godde, in whom I live and who lives and breathes in me, than it is about expecting prayer to make things happen. 

The Lord's Prayer prays: THY will be done, not MY will be done.  It’s an act of faith and trust, not control. I pray for the same reasons I talk to my spouse and closest friends or family about my concerns.

For me prayer (and its equivalent practices, including Reiki, meditation, et. al.)  is what connects me to Godde-in-God, to christ-in-Christ, to God-in-me—and you.    Prayer is what lets me in on myself, too.