Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011.07.06 Private Property?

It occurred to me recently that there is no such thing as private property. Everyone squawks about abutters and their infringements and how dare they.

Everything abuts. Everything exists next to something else. All is connected. Remember the butterfly wings that affect the weather thousands of miles away?

Suddenly your property is contiguous, not yours at all. It belongs to you AND everyone around you—even globally.

If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves and abut them and they us, then property is contingent and collective. What happens to your property happens to mine so best it be ours. We all are responsible for its well being. It is not about moneyed ownership and property lines, but a spiritual issue.

If only we could believe the basics of creation theology: that it all belongs to God, even our children whom we also think we own. It's all on loan, none of it is private, all of it is sacred, divinized, as is every human being, every plant, every animal and every sunset.

How do you view and treat something you consider sacred?