Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012.01.04 Epiphany Insights Two Days Ahead

Epiphany, officially Jan 6, began with a point of light in the sky, tiny but bright enough to follow anyway and illuminative enough to shine on the face of, what else, a tiny baby. Whose eyes would not light up?

Epiphany offers many fleeting points of light. Watch for them in all the “wrong” places.

I overheard a talented writer say something like, getting published was ALL grace. I told him he should take some of the credit for it himself.

There's no such thing as disembodied grace.  

And the alarmingly paradoxical Christian insistence on the co-mingling of flesh and spirit, divinity and humanity forces us to face this odd truth: it is divine to be crucified and it is human to be resurrected.

Our either/or habit of mind is confounded and convicted.