Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011.07.10 Out of Eden?

I’ve noted this before I think but I feel the need to note it again, mostly because I find myself back in Eden passing blame around like a hot potato.

Much of what I read and hear on the news or on internet chitter chatter and in conversations is addressing important issues, which is a good idea, and then coming up with a culprit, not as good an idea.

Adam and Eve blamed each other, God and the snake and God is portrayed as quite fed up with the blame/shame process, enough in fact to institutionalize the breakdown, to make it so humanity will have to take responsibility for their life on earth, with God’s help of course.

Nobody blamed the tree or the infamous apple whose fault it was that the couple got into trouble in the first place.

Finding a culprit makes everyone feel safe—temporarily. Wasn’t it the old priest Caiaphas who suggested that if one man were eliminated peace would be restored. Thus began the plan to execute Jesus who hadn’t preached rebellion but had told people of their worth and value in God’s eyes. It was easy to conclude that they were not being valued at all by those with earthly authority who likely blamed themselves for their destiny.

This can happen in families too of course. We’d all be fine if it weren’t for XX. It’s a habit. I don’t know why it happens.

The current blamee for all of society’s ills is the media. Oh dear the trash they present! But who do we imagine creates the market that buys and tunes into these media reports?

Who is responsible for healthcare or the schools, or church attendance? Doctors, educators, clergy, yes, but ALL OF US are responsible for our institutions and their well being.

What do you complain about most often? It’s a very good spiritual question. Follow it.