Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011.03.23 Placebo Prayer?

Moving along the placebo track I wonder if intercessory prayer has a pleasant placebo effect?

I confess that, with my memory as it is these days, and actually always, I sometimes don’t remember to pray for someone I have said I would.

I have best intentions and my caring is sincere. But I am limited. I don’t worry too much as I believe that Godde IS prayer. The sacred heart at prayer for all of us each moment —praying for me when I forget.

But sometimes people tell me they have really felt the prayers of the community, including mine, supporting them in some effort of healing or other.

I do not doubt such feelings at all. It’s a little embarrassing if I have forgotten. But I also wonder if just knowing that people INTEND to pray for you IS itself prayer.

If no one remembers to pray for you, you still have faith in their intentional good heart towards you, and so you believe they do pray for you— you feel it and it helps you. Like Eucharist.

Sounds like a good enough placebo effect to me.