Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010.10.20 Inner LIght by John T. Brakeman

by John T. Brakeman

John Brakeman, my son and fourth child, teaches fifth grade. He wrote this meditation in 2008 to share with his students after he had been through extensive surgeries and had lived with pain and in fear for his life.

Paradoxically, the more pain and suffering he endured the stronger his faith in prayer and Higher Power/God became.

Paradoxically as well, the more spiritual his self-expression became the less welcome it was in school the principal of which told him he couldn't share this with his students because, although it was entirely personal in nature, it might rouse parental ire.

Today the meditation is framed and hangs above my home altar. It reminds me of John's courage, and also of the ultimate fragility of the one small sweet life each of us has and that humanity is by nature spiritual.


A bond with light signals so much change.

A light is used to see so many things.

With just a fleeting thought we think of light as a way for us to see in the dark.

This is to secure us for the things that we might run into.

Light bends and can be made into many different colors.

Its flexibility shows us that change is possible.

The human spirit has light and possesses almost the same properties.

What do we want the light to show us and what do we want the dark to open up to us?

It’s those things that are opened to us that allow us to see ourselves.

How do we want to exist for the rest of our lives?

Life challenges or God’s plate allows us to see our light.

When the light presents itself it will ask you one question—What have you learned?