Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011.07.27 Blessings on the T

Last Sunday I boarded the famous or infamous red line to go into Boston to attend church. The T was empty at its last stop before it headed back inbound.

Empty save for one large gentleman with a Red Sox cap a backpack, also large. It was the last stop. I waited for him to get off but he stayed on, likely riding back and forth like “Charlie.” His head nodded and bobbed and I prayed he would find solace or a home or sobriety a job, or whatever he needed for love.

As the train moved along it filled up. At Porter Square two young women who had just left girlhood got on. They were all primped up, cute and perky in their shorts and tees and sandals.

As the train took off a young-ish man, disheveled, seemingly disoriented but not drunk, began his speech. I’ve heard many such painful stories and I believe them all even if all the facts aren’t quite correct. “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I’m so sorry to take your time like this. God bless you. I’m so grateful you’re listening to me. God bless you.I just want a little change, couple bucks to get something to eat. Haven’t eaten in ___ hours..........” No one responded. The young women listened and looked at each other a little embarrassed giggles.

At the next stop the man got off leaving us all God blessed and thanking us all for nothing. Another occasion for prayer.

The girl/women commented. “Wasn’t that weird?” Yeah, really, like...weird.” “Yeah you never hear anyone say that anymore.” “God bless you. You don’t hear it ever.” They shook their heads in amazement—not at the man’s plight or his strategy but at his blessing. So weird!

God bless you, every one!