Friday, October 31, 2008

What's Your Mask?

It's All Hallows Eve; aka the eve before All Saints Day, a time to honor and remember all those who have died but still live in our hearts and sometimes beyond; aka Halloween. It's a night for masks, scary masks. What's your mask?
I heard a beautiful de-masking story recently. I was touched. A friend told me of a woman who was a religious atheist and trusted only science but went to church with a friend—for the sake of friendship.
There she heard a voice speaking to her within herself and remembered the biblical story of the Hebrew prophet Elijah who had heard a "still small voice."
She thought: I have a still small voice within. I have it and therefore others have it, and that's a soul, and what is the purpose of a soul but to be in touch with God.
A rare kind of conversion but beautiful. Also an example of how the spirit of holiness comes to us in ways and words that we already know and love, in her case reason, scientific deduction. The spirit of holiness is within us.
My friend added that often what we most want we most scorn.
No masks can scare away the divinity in your soul. Dare to take off your mask and let your holiness show.