Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013.05.19 Pentecostal Message

Okay, its time to give the  Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Hokmah, Sophia and other names I do not yet know, her due as the Great Connector.  The nature, Spirit and image of Holiness by any name is far too big for our silly denominationalisms with their accompanying doctrinal theologies. Godde will not fit in boxes and Divinity can not be harnessed—or brokered in any way. 

A friend and professor at Boston College sent the below Rumi poem to his students in the Religion Quest class.  I wrote him back in thanks.

You are a blessing!  And this encouragement for students is so crucial (right word) in the face of Cardinal O'Malley's boycott of the BC commencement because of the speaker,  Irish Prime Minister,  Enda Kenny, whose government agreed to allow abortion to save a woman’s life.

And crucial too in the face of, sadly for now, Pope Francis I's ongoing rigidity about the Vatican party line politik against the openness and gentility Rumi’s poem reflects.  

Who is not all Rumi’s categories in her own one precious soul, so why not live it out, come on out with it?  Well, you know my theory: it's all about the death throes of patriarchy—an organizational system that depends on structured domination.  It’s collapsing. We see many signs, and we see the backlash of fear.

Luckily, doctrine follows practice, so it might just follow practices like the poem advocates. Look East young people, go East for your own soul’s health and grace—and bring the West with you.


Whoever you are.
Religious, infidel, heretic or pagan.
Even if you promised a hundred times
And a hundred times broke your promise,
This door is not the door
Of hopelessness and frustration.
This door is open for everybody.
Come, come as you are.
Come again, please come again.

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