Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013.05.01 Sounds of Spring

Today a friend sent me a beautiful animated Happy Spring card.  I listened to it twice and felt my day begin well. 

Yes, it's May Day—day of resurrection life, day of emergency, someone needs help, and the old college chant: Hey, hey it's the first of May, outdoor f.....g begins today!  Such a versatile holy day, no?

I adore Spring. I can't smell it, thanks to allergies that come with it,  but I can see it and hear it—and most of all feel deeply into its heart where I heard a poem spring up.

Sounds of Spring

Thwack of fist
swish/crack of bat
thunk of ball
smack of mitt.
I hear it coming.
Batter batter batter
Run daddy run.
It’s spring. 

A young teen sits alone shivering
in the bleachers
She cheers at full voice for her star-hitter boyfriend
but her eyes rivet to the ball:
tossed, smacked, cracked, and finally

And, in the name of the depth dimension we call soul and spirit, I know that neither joy nor sorrow are  pure, nor do they last. Yet we are human and must feel them each and all.  That is the gift and solace of what Christians call the Holy Spirit. She goes with us into the deep.


Lyn G. Brakeman said...
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Lyn G. Brakeman said...

A blog reader sent me her comment and I thought it worth sharing.It's not a joke but a real experience.

40 yrs ago a devoutly religious nurse was caring for a rich old Boston dowager in a private suite when the old lady asked what the date was. The nurse told her it was May 1,and from this bedridden little old lady in a frail voice came: "Hooray, Hooray the first of May, outdoor screwing starts today!". The nurse about fainted away, she should have been an Episcopalian! I love that you mentioned that little ditty in your blog, I laughed!