Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012.09.30 Jesus Married? OH, Scandal...

Jesus woulda, shoulda, coulda been married—but was he? The Risen Christ is obviously “married” soulfully to every Christian, but in the flesh?

Who really cares?  I value Jesus for his historic presence and all the ministry he did in his short time on earth, and I value all the teachings and accounts that were later written, as history goes, and published in time in the Bible. Maybe the four gospels didn't  mention much about Jesus’ personal life because he was too busy, or because they were too busy just trying to tag onto this dynamo of Love with the far-reaching transformative vision. They must have been pretty single-minded just to keep up.

On the other hand, they might not have written about it because it was the norm in first century Palestine for a Jewish man to be married. Wives weren't mentioned much.

I know scholars will ascertain the authenticity, or not, of Harvard Professor Karen King’s papyrus fragment with its wifely references for Jesus, so I’ll wait. I’m too old for another vocation but if I weren’t I might be a papyrologist.

I confess I’d love it if Jesus did have a personal helpmate who is just now getting her say about things in a fragment provocatively, tentatively titled,  “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.”

Now that would be a best selling memoir, maybe give my own memoir a boost. This is how women are finally getting onto the scene these days.  They speak and write and act like Jesus, whose ethic of compassionate equivalency demands its due.

The breadth and depth of the One Holy Godde as fully male and fully female is my image.

Jesus married doesn’t matter much to me. However, that Jesus called and trusted women disciples does matter. And that patriarchal cultures and religions squished women’s words and presence does matter.  And that this historical error be corrected matters. And that Roman Catholic men and women get to loosen the stays on their sexual corseted religious vocations (forced celibacy and the all-male priesthood)  matters.

I bet Jesus did call women as well as men.  I woulda been in the group I’m sure.  Or I might’ve been too timid; or I’d have insistently dragged my best friend or my own marriage partner along. If I weren’t married I’d have tried to get Jesus to propose to me for sure. 

That’s how smitten I am with his presence and his ideas and his ongoing Christic energy.


rix thinx said...

Thanks Lyn,

My new favorite word is now papyrologist.
Young Jews are remembered for not having a marriage partner - so Dan Brown still lives - sorta....And why would Jesus not have been married anyway?
Great piece, and many will get engaged in a new way or just be
PO'd in their usual way....
Keep on keeping on dear friend!


Lyn G. Brakeman said...

I'm keeping on, even staying married:) Thanks dear friend.