Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011.12.25 Every Baby is God

Sharon's Christmas Prayer
by John Shea
She was five,sure of the facts, 
and recited them 
 with slow solemnity, 
convinced every word 
was revelation. 

She said they were so poor
they only had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat
and they went a long way from home 
without getting lost.

The lady rode 
 a donkey,
the man walked,
and the baby 
was inside the lady. 

They had to stay in a stable 
with an ox and an ass (hee-hee) 
but the Three Rich Men found them 
because a star lited the roof. 
Shepherds came and you could 
pet the sheep but not feed them. 
Then the baby was borned. 

And do you know who he was? 

Her quarter eyes inflated 
to silver dollars
The baby was God.    
And she jumped in the air, 
whirled round, dove into the sofa, 
and buried her head under the cushion 
which is the only proper response 
to the Good News of the Incarnation.


LForrest Creating said...

Sweet story. I have been introducing a mother and her 7 year old son to the Christmas story because he wants to know about Jesus. This is perfect to share with such a couple. The perfect response of diving into the sofa reminds me of childhood. the gardener

Lyn G. Brakeman said...

Dear beloved gardener, Thanks for loving this. Remember to spread the word too about my blog and get me credit so I can publish my memoir or if I do a few will know who the bejesus I am. Keep on and blessed 2012.

JLC said...

Great little example of the injunction to become like little children. Besides, it's funny. Not enough of that going around!