Monday, August 22, 2011

2011.08.20 Bernard de Clairvaux:Love in Process

August 20 is the calendar day set aside to remember one of my favorite Church heroes. Yes, a Father, a man and a Saint Bernard, not canine with saving stimulants but human with saving spirituality.

“Who among you my brothers, was not born amid feces and urine?” he reminded those in his charge. Kinda keeps you humble, no?

But to be serious this 11th century Cistercian monk abbot gave us a summation of the spiritual process of Love
-Love of self for self’s sake.
-Love of God for self’s sake
-Love of God for God’s sake
-Love of self for God’s sake

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Marya said...

August 20 is my Birthday so I am glad to know that Bernard de Clairvaux can keep me honest through the reminder of feces and urine....

Love of God for self’s sake.
Love of self for self’s sake...our birth right...thanks for sharing so much. Marya